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Q : Is there any trading rules?

We provide tips for MCX Gold Tips, COMEX Gold Tips, MCX Silver Tips, COMEX Silver Tips, MCX Copper Tips, MCX Lead Tips, MCX Nickel Tips, MCX Zinc Tips, MCX Aluminium Tips, MCX Crude Tips, MCX Natural Gas Tips, COMEX Crude Tips and Equity NSE BSE Tips, NSE FO, NSE BSE Cash, Indian Share Market Tips.

Safe trader always follow these rules:-

• Trade all our calls (don't trade only selected calls), some trades will trigger stop loss, but continue trade with same volume. Stop loss is part of our business.

• Please place stop loss orders in system, not in your mind, without stop loss don't trade it’s nothing but to drive car without brakes.

• Please don't trade without trade management, if we protect our capital with good trade management profits automatically follow otherwise only luck will dominate.

• Small price difference is common don’t look for exact recommended price and target price, you can execute trades with small difference.

• If you need any further clarifications regarding our trading guidelines, please call 09920033678.

Q : Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit?

No, You have to book profit when chance arises or you feel good. But sometimes, we have some confusion then we give SMS to exit. We rarely send exit SMS.

Q : Do you send SMS when stop loss hits?

No Sir, it is not practically workable. Stop Loss is understood and fix and you have to put stop loss in system, when you have traded. And stop loss is fixed. So there is no need to give follow up SMS.

Q : Can we directly talk to your team?

Yes Sir, at any time between 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. But we will talk only for calls which are open. We do not discuss general market trend or trend in any commodity.

Q : GOLDEN RULES of Dos & Donts.

Adherence is sincerely recommended to trade & achieve gains in these Speculative Trade Markets.

Do not trade with hesitance, half heartedly or in over confidence. You can loose a lot of money if you are scared of the markets or even if you are overtly bold & risky.

Be patient when trades are moving in the right direction to extract maximum gains & ensure the gains by trailing stop loss. Here do not be negative.

Do not be over optimistic when trades have hit the stop loss level & make sure you exit there. You may loose better & multiple opportunities due to being stuck in deals gone wrong leading to higher & higher losses each day.

Do not discuss your open positions with any one. This will lead you nowhere & confuse you more.

Follow only ONE guideline at a time as more guidelines will again create a lot of confusion. You can opt for or look out for an alternate guidance when the earlier guideline proves to be less productive or loss making, but not simultaneously.

There is NOTHING such as HUGE, mind blowing & sky high profit makings overnight. YES, there are sizeable gains & high returns for a disciplined trader & exactly the opposite, if not worse for the non-disciplined. Do not enter this trade market under any illusions of getting to be a Billionaire overnight. It will never happen. Beware of who promises 100% result and specially from who gives jackpot promises.

DO NOT BORROW or trade with funds that are not yours or pump in more funds by borrowing to hold on to loss making trades. Trade only with YOUR own funds that are spareable & be prepared to loose even that in totality in the worst case. And if you lose, you must not run into financial problem.

Never trade or enter / exit positions in panic. Volatility is a non-separable component of this trade & will be present most of the time.

Do not be a party to rumors or be guided or misled by these.

Stay away from the people who have a habit of saying “ I had told you – See now?”. These are the same people who do not have any concrete views – they gather tidbits of information from anywhere available, irrespective of their reliability, put all together & spread the newly formed news. If what they say goes wrong, they would disappear & if found, might now have some new story. Generally these type of people are very good convincers. Listening to these characters & their views is very dangerous as the wise always said: – “Half knowledge is always the most dangerous”.

Follow the trend & make respectable gains.. DO NOT TRY to be the TREND SETTER. No one can possibly be, except by chance, the best seller or the best buyer. You might end up loosing a lot of money & also people will laugh at you.