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Rules for Commodity Trading


Rules for Commodity Trading
1.    Maintain Sufficient Margin in the account to trade.
2. Trade in all of our calls. Do not select or reject calls as per your decision. Keep the volume same for particular commodity.
3. Use SL strictly. Even if 2-4 sl tirggered, do not stop trading in any particular scrip/commodity. Whenever we give call again, do trade again.
4. Targets are just guidlines. Keep on booking profit when there is a chance. Entry or exit or profit booking or targets are indicative only. It should not be taken exactly what is given. A range may be considered. Only Stop Loss is fixed. Stop Loss must be the trigger price to be entered in the system.


* For gold, if target / entry price is given say 22500, then it means a range of 22480 to 22520.

* For Silver, if target / entry price is given say 56200, then it means a range of 56150/56250.

* For Crude, if target / entry price is given 4450 then range must be 4445 to 4455

* For Aluminium/Lead/Zinc, if target / entry price is given 110.50 then range must be 110.40 to 110.60.

* For Nickel, if target / entry price is given 1010 then range must be 1008 to 1012.

* For Copper, if target / entry price is given 418, then range must be 417.80 to 418.20
5. During trial period, trade on paper only.

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i have been observing from 20.10.2010 in papers .interested in delivery trade only
KAMAL KUMAR PATGIRI   2010-10-21 21:24:34
I am satisfied
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